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Lava Log Wood Briquettes

Lava Log Wood Briquettes

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Are you looking for a reliable alternative to traditional firewood? 

Our Lava Log briquettes offer a hot, clean and long-lasting burn. The perfect cost-effective alternative to traditional firewood.

Fast & Free UK-wide delivery with ALL orders

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    Box: 3 packs (18 briquettes, 6 per pack)
    Half Pallet: 53 packs (318 briquettes, 6 per pack)
    Full Pallet: 105 packs (630 briquettes, 6 per pack)

    Sustainable wood briquettes made from dried and compacted biomass, fresh from our sawmill.

    Eco friendly, high energy and clean burning wood fuel choice.

    Suitable use:

    • Log burners
    • Wood burning stoves
    • Open fireplaces
    • Chimineas
    • Pizza ovens

    Key Features

    Each Pack contains 6 Wood Briquettes

    8.7Kg Per Pack

    • Less than 12% moisture content
    • ≈5kw per hour
    • Burn Hotter & Cleaner
    • Compliant with Clean Air Act
    • Ready to Burn Certified
    • Compact and Convenient size
    • Free UK delivery and collection

    Delivery Information

    FREE delivery with ALL orders

    Expected Delivery

    • Box: 2-3 working days
    • Pallet: 3-5 working days

    All pallet orders are delivered to the kerbside by our specialist pallet courier.

    Storage Suggestion

    Briquettes are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to traditional firewood but in order to ensure optimum performance they require careful storage.

    1. Choose a dry, sheltered location; ideally indoors

    2. Store in the original plastic packaging

    3. Keep elevated and stacked neatly

    Ready to Burn Certification

    Our Lava Log briquettes are certified according to Defra's "Ready to Burn" wood fuel quality standard.

    Issued Certificate Number: WS5458/00001

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